Practical & trendy handmade goods to show your personality - a vintage craft for a modern look

Hi there!
I'm Danielle, a hard-working accountant, crochet wizard, and lover of all things nerd. I live in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest with my retired Airman husband and two kitties, Cleo and Penelope. Our daughters are off being grown ups and we're still adjusting to this whole empty-nest thing. 

I've been crocheting since I was twelve years old, but it didn't really stick until I was pregnant with #1. By the time #2 came along, they both had soft rainbow blankies that were our constant companions for years to come. For a long time, I crafted for family, friends, and charity, often with admonishments that I should be selling my creations.

I finally took the plunge and opened From a Tangled Skein on Etsy late in 2010 at the encouragement of my wonderful husband. We had just moved to the PNW, and it became abundantly clear during the move that I had to do something with the insane amount of yarn and crocheted goodies I had accumulated. Since then I have learned so much, had opportunities to meet wonderful people, and challenged myself more than I could have imagined at the beginning of this journey.

Everything here is done by me or the hubs - from crocheting, packaging, and shipping to web design and customer service. I truly believe there is something magical about handmade - snuggling in with a handmade blanket, tying on the perfect scarf, pulling on toasty warm wristers - you can really feel the love put into every stitch.
You could get your goods at a big box store, but why would you want to? Try me on for practical, trendy, handmade goods that will really show your personality. It truly is a vintage craft for a modern look.

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